Earn 50% Commission
Selling "Bounceback Remarketing"

How Does All This Work?

Simply place your coded link anywhere on your website, blog, or in your newsletters and I will give you 50% for every sale that is generated through your link.

Your affiliate link is cookied. So if they don't buy right now, you will still get credit via cookies, even if it's months down the line. And, many people who buy my eBooks are repeat customers and usually invest in my other products.

How to Make Money by Posting on Forums

If you want to make reference to my eBooks in a post, do so by posting something quality and hyper-linking your affiliate link in it so it's not spamming and you can earn credit.

How to Make Money with Your Signature

Make your affiliate link your signature on your profile at forums and emails to kick-up the cash. Simply put something that will generate clicking interest, such as "remarketing secrets," "retargeting," etc.

The Benefits Are...

  • You get to feature a quality eBook on your website
  • You have free range to all my articles
  • You receive half the profit
  • No hassles of placing orders for inventory
  • No inconveniences of mail outs or shipping
  • Get a check delivered to your mailbox twice a month

Track Your Earnings and Receiving Payments

You can track your profit at ClickBank. It's easy to sign-up for your free ClickBank account.

Every two weeks ClickBank will send you a check totaling your earnings in sales for that time period.

How Much Profit Can You Earn?

Bounceback Remarketing sells for $29 each. Your earnings on each sale is $14.50.

Projected Earnings
Sales Per Day
Monthly Income
Yearly Income

Cash adds up quickly simply by placing a little affiliate code in a link!

Sign-Up Now and Begin Earning Cash IMMEDIATELY!

Sign-up for your free ClickBank account now and begin earning cash today! After you fill out the basics and create your affiliate link, you are in business.

Sign-up for my affiliate program and I'll send you affiliate lessons to your email so you can start earning serious cash!


We view our affiliates as our partners - your success means our success. Therefore, we will do our best to support all our affiliates, and we give a very generous 50% commission to show our appreciation for your partnership.

Privacy Statement:
Your data will never be rented, sold or displayed to anyone, period.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact me at our Support Desk.

To your continued success,

B. Joseph Burch


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